Orbit Wires Industries has a long history in cable manufacturing of around two decades. A company which has expanded its arms, accumulating technical know-how and with experienced staff who are highly geared towards the stringent quality control and adventuresome research activities to grow the expanding market with multi range product not only fulfill the requirements of customers but exceeding their expectation.
Quality being the sole concern, we offer technically updated array of Orbit Cable that are acclaimed for high quality and are abrasion resistant in nature.Our company is widely appreciated in offering Orbit Cable to the clients. This product is available in different sizes and lengths.

Good quality
Free from defects
Assured in quality

We fabricate and sell a miscellaneous range of wires and cables and our key product in the wires and cables fragment are power cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, solar cables, building wires, flexible cables, flexible single multi core cables, communication cables, and others including welding cables, submersible flat and round cables, rubber cables, etc. other than wires and cables we also deal with other merchandises such as CCTV camera, PVC pipes, switches.

Power cables- these cables are predominantly used for power transmission and distribution systems in the power and other industries. Orbit cables manufacture a range of cables with high to low voltage and different sheathings such as PVC, XLPE, flame retardant and low smoke. The main structural constituents of power cables include conductor, insulation & casing.

Control cables- these cables propel signals to control the operating of equipment and allow distribution of data or signals that have low voltage. Intended specifically for automation controls, these cables have a copper conductor, which is swathed in galvanized steel bird. Control cables usually bear a PVC/XLPE insulation that defends them from the influences and harsh climatic conditions.

Instrumentation cables- these cables find an extensive variety of applications for process configuration of measurement, supervision and control of the process in oil & gas, power generation and distribution, auto, chemical and mining industries. With very low level of electrical signal transient through these cables which are also prone to external interfaces during transmission, during diffusion, these cables demand rigorous quality requirements and distinct electrical properties. The tinned copper conductors are positioned up in pair/triad/quad either overall fortified or individually and overall sheltered.

Solar cables- DC solar cables are applied as inter connection cables for connecting different photovoltaic modules in air or conduit.

Building wires- these wires are environmental friendly and suitable to use where high litheness is of prime significance.

Flexible single/multi core- orbit cables manufacture energy efficient class 5 wires with diverse insulation properties.

Communication cables- Orbit cables manufacture these wires for a wide a variety of communications including telephone cables, LAN cables, Axial cables etc.

Other cables- we also manufacture other types of cables including welding cables, submersible cables, flat and round cable etc.