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Kuber Electricals, with a strong and far vision of relentlessly providing a commitment to quality and innovation, has emerged as one of the leading electrical suppliers in Southern India. Our strong customer focus and pioneering leadership qualities have been recognized and rated by the clients all over the country. In terms of quality, price and delivery schedule, our establishment has surpassed the competitors in this field and has been able to grab and maintain a control on the supply chain. Over the years, our organization has expanded efficiently from a profitable base to a balanced business platform and today stands as a trusted and most reputed clientele across the country.

Electrical appliances have become an indispensable part of our life and the field of electrical engineering has brought a revolutionary change in its sophistication and complexity, becoming a supreme consideration of the modern day. We are dedicated to providing quality and safety to our customers through our services, all at an affordable price. We ensure that our services are extended using the latest technology and equipment’s available today.

Our enterprise is comprised of highly skilled and dedicated workforce, which is why it makes for an inevitable choice, across the electrical domain, for our clients. We have built a strong and lasting relationship with our customers across the globe, supported by an established technical and management skills. We prepare our employee to take bigger challenges in the future through continuous training and periodic assessments. We always look for ways to combine innovation and ingenuity that can add value to the services we offer to our esteemed clients. Customer acceptance and satisfaction is our top priority.


Kuber Electricals : We are Leading Electrical Componets, Wires and Cables, GM Modular Switches,Crompton Fans Dealers and Distrubutors in Chennai.

From its inception as a small electrical business to a leading electrical supplies company, our organization’s core approach is to maintain highest business standards that can contribute towards making a better world.

Starting from services to maintenance, our company is focused on providing complete assistance to our customers worldwide. Through a responsible approach to business and reliable products and services as well as strong collaboration with our partners and customers globally, our company is edging towards new directions that are of paramount consideration. In our business, we aim to provide the service quality, speed, and quick response to customer needs and market changes.

Our corporate values are built on strong foundations and we are constantly driving ourselves to successful business development to achieve the far-sighted vision of our company. Our goal is to achieve leading positions in this competitive environment and our people are constantly putting their contributions to make this happen.



Under the leadership of Rajesh Jain, Kuber Electricals has witnessed stable growth and success for over a decade. With business acumen and experience in the electrical engineering and technology industries, he has contributed to the recognition of Kuber electricals as a solution providing business for various electrical needs.

He focuses on businesses development by blending innovation and practicality in a skilful manner. He has successfully demonstrated a result oriented business growth at ABC Electricals. As an individual, he has showcased his proven ability to implement process, procedures and standards to enhance the business functionality.

As a director, he is capable of leading and motivating individuals to take the productivity level of the business to the next level. His client experience is extensive in the Electrical domain.


Our vision is to be the most sustainable service provider in the electrical facility and be recognized for our unmatched standard of quality.

Our mission is to deliver quality and fastest services at an affordable price to content our clients.


Our after-sale service is unsurpassed and our skilled professionals take care of maintenance and all breakdown related issues.


All our products are in compliance with the standard quality control parameters and our quality assurance team ensures that the best and safest reaches our customers.